Thematic Routes

Choose the route that interests you and begin exploring…

To discover the Vjosa / Aoos River Ecomuseum you must select the thematic route that interest you, two of the routes are in Albania and two in Greece. The routes are further divided into sections which are made up of interest points, scattered around the Ecomuseum area.  

Imagine the thematic routes as the scenario of a play and the sections like acts of the play; like small, complete fractions of the scenario. The interest points that make up each section illustrate the scenario and can be anything from historical buildings, natural landmarks even stories gathered from the residents’ of the area.

The thematic routes were chosen though extensive research on the field and the bibliography on the area as well as through close collaboration with the local institutions, scientists and simple residents of the area. They were selected because they reflect important pieces of the cultural and natural heritage of the place.


The interest points of the thematic routes are scattered around the Ecomuseum’s geographical area and so the visitors are free to visit them in whichever order they like. So, on the basis of the route which inspires them and their physical location, they must plan their visit to as many interest points as they wish.

The main information points for the Ecomuseum are the Information centre of the Northern Pindos National Park in Vovousa village in Greece and in the Multifunctional centre of Permet in Albania. There, the visitors will be able to find guide books, get information and also access the virtual tour on a touchscreen. In Greece, information and guide books will also be available in other information centres of the Northern Pindos National Park in the villages Aspraggeloi, Metsovo, Kleidonia and Papiggo.

The guide book of the Ecomuseum and the virtual tour are also accessible from the website.

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3540 km2 surface area
2 countries
260 km River length
3 main rivers