The Network

The managers of the Ecomuseum!

Upon the completion of the project in February 2014, the Ecomuseum has passed into the hands of the Vjosa / Aoos Ecomuseum Network which is responsible for the operation, management and further development of the Ecomuseum. It consists mainly of local stakeholders and representatives of local communities as well as other organisations and individuals with a proven interest in promoting its objectives.
Its objectives are

  • Promoting and safeguarding the distinct character and sense of place of the wider Vjosa / Aoos area, both in Albania and in Greece, by strengthening the harmonious diachronic relationship between nature and culture through active public participation and respect for the local populations’ needs and aspirations;

  • Interpreting, and presenting in a comprehensive way, the historical memory, material and intangible culture, customs and traditions, local products and diachronic development of the Vjosa / Aoos landscape;
  • Supporting the area’s sustainable development;
  • Developing the Vjosa / Aoos Ecomuseum further;
  • Cooperating and building synergies with other ecomuseums and institutions in order to promote the ecomuseum concept.
In January 2014, all members of the Network signed the Memorandum of Understanding which explains the management arrangement and governance structure.

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Conference of the Ecomuseum

Signing the Memorandum of Understanding

On 26th January 2014, in Konitsa, Greece, the members of the network officially signed the memorandum of Understanding.It was a joyfull moment for the Ecomuseum as its management passed into the hands of a transboundary network of stakeholders. The network is not a restrictive and there are procedures in place to accomodate new members.

Memorandum of Understanding

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This Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) highlights the objectives and management arrangements of the Vjosa / Aoos Ecomuseum Network. It explains the communication, information sharing and consultation processes and the Network’s governance structure.It does not constitute a legal document.

Memorandum of Understanding